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To survive by quality and to develop by credit
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Shenzhen DiMeiRui Floor Materials Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is one of the earliest established large-scale professional flooring manufacturers with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. It has its own production base and professional management team. With more than 100 employees, the company's products mainly focus on the development, production and sales of underground parking lot floors, industrial plant floors, dust-free precision workshop floors, various kinds of anti-corrosion and anti-static functional flooring, and commercial high-end art floor materials. As well as construction guidance, after many years of hard work, the business philosophy of surviving on the basis of quality and developing on the basis of reputation has won the favor and approval of our customers. Our products are mainly exported to Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei and Hunan.

Dimeirui has always been committed to producing products that are economical, environmentally friendly and durable, providing customers with first-class product quality and excellent service. It has successively obtained Class B qualifications for “Patent Patent” building painting and Guangdong Province Flooring Association, Guangdong Province. Excellent ground construction contractor, member of China Electrostatics Association, and national environmental protection material inspection certificate, Dimerui series floor paint has environmental protection with multiple test reports, the data are at the leading level, has a professional construction team with coating, with many years The working experience and advanced management experience, the main cases of successive cooperation are: Fu Tukang Group, EVOC, Midea, Shenzhen Energy, Han Laser, Tai Tai Pharmaceutical, CSG, Guilin Olympics, Shenzhen University, etc. More than 3,000 Examples of well-known corporate flooring projects. Whether it is project quality or after-sales service has been unanimously praised and praised by customers.

The company always adheres to the concept of "Innovation, Quality, Service, Saving, Professionalism and Gratitude". Absorb new ideas, strict quality control, comprehensive service tracking, and insist on making high-quality products. Now has a group of capable management personnel and a high-quality professional and technical team. Being able to recruit talents is the prerequisite for the development and expansion of the company.